Imagine looking at your wedding photos 10 years from now, and being able to relive the laughter, joy, comfort and stress-free atmosphere you were surrounded by on your wedding day?

Well, that is the warmth and joy I desire for you and all of my brides to feel. My goal AND passion is to create a remarkable, memorable bridal experience for you that will last forever. I want you to look back at 10, 15 years from now and fall in love with your timeless, elegance look all over again.

And to do so, I take the time to learn more about you… what you love, what bring you joy, what your vision of your special day is (even beyond the makeup). Starting with an in-depth bridal consultation, the goal is to create a timeless look that's breathtaking, fits your style, and that is beautifully (and authentically) you. After all, you are the true centerpiece of the day, and with all eyes on you, the goal is to make YOU illuminate the room. 

Whether you are a bride who wants to feel romantically beautiful with sultry eyes and that perfect nude lip or you are the bride who want a regal yet daringly bold beauty look to accompany her luxurious gown, we work together to create and bring your vision to life from the very beginning. Part of beauty on your wedding day is a pampered, zenful experience, and attention every bride requires. OF course the goal is to flawlessly execute the perfect look that will have you gracefully AND confidently floating down the aisle to meet the love of your life, but I’ll also be there to lend that extra (extra) hand! So on your special day, think of me as your Bridal Liaison—from touch-ups to keep you radiant and beautiful throughout the ceremony to holding your lovely train so that YOU and YOUR PARTY can enjoy every moment of your celebration.

I’m excited to work with you to create a timeless bridal look that’s beautifully YOU!