Ijeoma Ezinne Chimezie is a professional makeup artist in the NJ/NYC Metro area. She is known for her ability to create flawless and timeless looks that accentuate the most beautiful features on each of her client. Along with her keen eye for detail and skillful blending, sculpting and highlighting techniques that caters to all skin tones, she is also committed to excellence and seamless professionalism.

Providing exceptional customer service to her clients is of utmost importance, so Ijeoma known to go the extra mile to create experiences that will last a lifetime. To her, it's more than just makeup—it's about flawlessly executing and capturing on her client's vision and individual style.

Perfecting her craft is a must, and so Ijeoma makes it priority to keep up to date on new products and techniques as well as educating herself about new trends in skincare. Ijeoma continues to enhance her skillsets by attending hands-on seminars and workshops with some of the best artists in the industry.

From her perfected touch of glamour and radiance to providing skin care insights to help clients preserve their glow long after the makeup is removed, her commitment to using her gifts to serve and empower women is central to her beauty philosophy. Her holistic approach to beauty allows her to stand apart, and is largely driven by her passion and in-depth understanding of skincare along with her extensive training as a pharmacist, with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Rutgers University. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients radiate beauty from the inside out. With this in mind, she started The Beaute Script, a beauty, health and wellness blog destination where she shares beauty tips to complement that inner glow, expert skincare tips, products recommendations and wellness advice for maintaining a healthy glow-up. After-all, beautiful makeup starts with beautiful, healthy skin. 

Combining her passion for making women look and feel beautiful with her knowledge of skincare and the science of beauty, she is able to deliver timeless beauty looks through skillful selection of products based on skin type and her client's desired look.